Material Handling & Storage Equipment

Pallet Racking Systems

TK Systems carries a variety of different brands, and types of rack systems to meet your storage requirements. Some of the type of systems we carry are: Selective Rack, Pushback Rack, Drive-In Rack, Cantilever Rack and Pallet Flow Rack. We have factories through-out the United States that we work with allowing us to keep freight costs down on your project on schedule.

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HMH Rack

HMH Offers a Wide Range of Products in Both Roll Formed and Structural

  • Standard Selective Pallet Racks
  • Drive-In Pallet Racks
  • Pallet Rack for Push Back Systems
  • Cantilever Racks

Advance Storage Products Pushback Structural Rack System

Conventional Selective Rack Systems

  • Average of 65% non-productive aisle space
  • Pallet count significantly less than high-density system

Pushback Structural Rack Systems

  • Store substantially more product in the same as conventional Selective Rack systems
  • Eliminate need to expand warehouse or use an outside storage facility

Conventional 6-Deep Drive-In Rack Systems

  • 50% Utilization
  • 1,000 rack pallet positions, 500 pallets stored
  • Extensice checkerboarding
  • Only one SKU in each bay
  • Rack is subject to forklift damage

6-Deep Pushback Rack Systems

  • 80% utilization average
  • Store 50% more pallets that Drive-In type
  • 1,000 rack pallet positions, 800 pallets stored
  • Flexibility to store different SKU\'s on leach level
  • Safer operation and leff rack damage, forklift operator never enters rack

Double Deep Rack Systems

  • Requires 8 wider aisles
  • Need special forklift
  • Slower pick and retrieve operation

2-Deep Pushback Rack System

  • Improve productivity up to 40%
  • Product indexes to front position, providing faster put-a-ways and let downs
  • Move pallets in pairs
  • Increase product storage with extra row of pallets
  • Reduce product damage, no blind forklift operations

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