Material Handling & Storage Equipment

Shelving Structures

RiveTier - No Nuts or Bolts!

  • The original boltless system
  • No hardware
  • Unobstructed spans
  • Cost effective
  • Affordable assembly
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Range of capacities
  • Shelf options
  • Simple construction
  • Free standing
  • 15ft height with no splicing
RiveTier Shelving Structure Diagram

Western Pacific Storage - Compression Clip Shelving

Western Pacific Storage Open Shelving

Open Shelving provides the most basic all-purpose storage.

  • Compression clip for bolt-free assembly
  • Open design for easy stocking and retrieval
  • Sway braces on rear and sides provide stability
  • Ideal for bulky or packaged items
  • Shelves adjustable in 1 1/2" increments
  • Seismic applications may require additional structural bracing
  • Ideal for high rise or mobile storage

Western Pacific Storage Compression Clip

Compression Clip makes changing shelf position quick and easy.

Quickly install your shelving system and easily rearrange shelf locations. Clip shelving, also known as compression clip shelving, utilizes compression clips rather than nuts and bolts to attach shelves to upright posts. Many brands of clip shelving also allow you to nut and bolt shelves for added support.

Western Pacific Storage Closed Shelving

Closed Shelving includes metal back and side enclosing panels added to the basic open unit.

  • Ideal for applications in which containment and storage continuity are the key
  • Rigid and durable storage structures
  • Enclosed units provide added cleanliness for stored items
  • Ideal for front office use, closed units can be customized with your own end panel surfaces to match your decor

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